Glass Act SA, operating in Adelaide, provides professional glass cleaning services of the highest standards. Our friendly team of glass cleaning specialists take pride in presenting commercial and residential properties in their best possible light.

We service both commercial sites and residential properties. Although our prices are super competitive, our quality of service wont disappoint.

For more information about our services or for a free quote please call our booking service: open 24 hours, 7 days.

T(08) 7111 3600

Quality Service

We will always leave you satisfied with sparkling clear windows and clean ledges. Smiles compulsory!

Commitment to Regularity

Whether you are getting your windows washed multiple times a week or just once a month or less, we will be there. 40 degrees over or just above freezing you can count on a familiar friendly face to show up and keep your glass looking fresh and clean

Professional Approach

We understand that lasting relationships are the best kind and by doing that little bit extra, we aim to keep our customers satisfied and committed to using our services regularly.
Many businesses require us to be finished cleaning before or after a certain hour of the day. We are flexible and always willing to find a solution that suits your needs.

Professional Cleaning As Well

Our large network in local business industry enables us to help you outsource anything you or your business may need; Just about any trade, service or business you can think of there is a good chance that we service one or more of them and we are always happy to refer customers to quality local businesses like ours.

Specifically cleaning - We carry out work for some of the best and well respected cleaning organisations in the country, we would be happy help anywhere we can.

Whether its a small residential property or multi-level commercial building - or anything in between. When quality and presentation matters, you can count on us.

Glass Act SA.